Trashes 1676-1700




1676 20 November 2010

Sankhu hospital
- When the Top Scholar set a long and winding trail passing an architectural wonder and the trash was translated into Norwegian.

1677 27 November 2010

- With Hurry Krishna setting a live hash over to the White House hill and back.

1678 4 December 2010 By the road to Kakani
- After his orienteering debacles, Slimline Dickie escaped with only a mild rebuke for a ball-breaking long and hilly outing in the area to the east of the main road up to Kakani.
1679 11 December 2010 Godavari Stables
- After threatening an ultra hash, the pack were lucky to exeprience a scenic if somewhat hilly two hour outing under the auspices of False Buddha. Great views from the holding check at Lata Bhanjyang. Clickthe readout from HandKream's gadget here and from False Buddha's gadget here to see the 10.5 km long route.
1680 18 December 2010 Pepsi Cola Town Planning
- Roadrunner on his annual return from the East Midlands set an enjoyable run around the Manohara khola and its bounding sandy hills.
1681 25 December 2010 Keeled Kottage, Dholahiti
- A Christmas Day jaunt with the largely Nepali crowd enjoying the Keeled Over run that led through the khet below Dhapakhel to the Bal Kumari temple and back along the Nakhu. Mrs Keeled Over laid on a great barbeque of pig meat afterwards.
1682 1 January 2011 Budhanilkantha
- Nineteen hashers turned out for this tour of the ups and downs around Budhanilkantha set by Trouble on New Year's Day
1683 8 January 2011 Gamcha, north of Gokarna
- With Yogi Hare haring the run and Apple leading the walkers.
1684 15 January 2011 Near Ichangu below Nagarjun
- Much of this Kruel run contoured around the lower slopes of Nagarjun forest. A great two hour long hash that had taken Kruel 3 hours to lay.
1685 22 January 2011 Chobhar
- When Doggy Style did a live hare run and managed to lose almost all of the pack about half-way around. Keeled led the walkers on a picturesque perambulation to the foot of the White House hill and back.
1686 29 January 2011 Lubhu
- HeBitch
1687 5 February 2011 North of Gokarna
- Headless Chicken
1688 12 February 2011 Bhajrabarahi, Chapagaon
- Joss Stick and Pawan
1689 19 February 2011 Bhainsepatti
- Amir, Blowhard and Lily the Pink
1690 26 February 2011 Chalnakhel
- A nice trail of 11.8km set by Hurry Krishna with several ups & downs (around 690m climbing), through some fields and along irrigation canals. The run ended with some unexpected spring rain and a circle around the fire under a stone cutters shed. Click here to see the route.
1691 5 March 2011 Bramhakhel
- A pretty easy but a bit long trail of 14.3 km and around 760m climbing set by the Scholars. Click here to see the route.
1692 12 March 2011

Near Thimi
- HeBitch

1693 19 March 2011 Sisneri Range Post
- HeBitch and Joss Stick
1694 26 March 2011

East of Sitapaila
- Hole in One and the Scholars

1695 2 April 2011 North of Naikap
- Live hash set by HandKream. Sanjeev took the walkers.
1696 9 April 2011

- Yogi and Binod

1697 16 April 2011 ?
1698 23 April 2011 Chobhar
- Doggy Style stood in at the last minute and set a live run
1699 30 April 2011

- Keeled Over's coming of age hash was set by Brainey and Chris. Click here to see the GPS track of Hash 1699 (15.7km and 900m climbing)

1700 7 May 2011 Nuwakot
- Hash weekend at the Famous Farm, Nuwakot, with this milestone hash set by Doggy Style and Hole in One