HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1705 4 June 2011
Location Salambutar, near Sankhu Hares Ritesh Scholar, Dharmendra
Hashers 36, of whom 12 paid for beer Hashit Casper
Trash HeBitch Trashflash Rotter
Remarkables virgins: Raghab Shrestha, Dharmendra Singh, Neil Briscoe, Olivia Learner visitors: Julie Petrowski returnees: Brainey, Tim Stiff, Arhant Shrestha, Kumudini Shrestha, Vaidehi
Shrestha, Billy Whiz
leavers: Julie
A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

The Scholars (surely graduates by now) proved once again that removing innocent boys from their natural habitat and frequently exposing them to a slightly psychotic part of the expat community makes them set good runs. Our loyal Scholar Ritesh had taken the lead, trading yet again Ashish for a substitute Scholar which we will refer to as Ashish in any case to remember the good old times when these boys were inseparable in flooring Child Killer, spotting tigers in Charikot, and eating up all the tuna dip. Sankhu was the stage and the usual suspects, with the addition of a tourist looking for pleasure (can't use the word sex-tourist since Keeled Over's UN filter will throw out the words again) and a couple who were referred to as 'British school parents' and therefore not to be harassed (can you be more inviting) by Horny Himalaya.

Moaning started even before the first runner had made his move with some hashers claiming they already spotted paper on the way in. (Actually, it was Bikram, the GM's driver, while all his passengers were focused on the road ahead . . . - GM) The rest of the pack ignored this and started out on the search for yet another adventure. FRB's Hole-in-One and DoggyStyle were unpleasantly surprised by Casper the Dane on speed, our newest addition to the hash. After the front runners were faced with a serious lack of paper heading towards the town of Sankhu it was Nice Hash that spotted the white shreds in the rice paddies and showed everyone the way.....only to perform one of the best hash crashes this scribe's seen in a while right after that (I've always wanted to call her 'Shasa the Crasha' - GM).

Coming to the first holding check all signs suggested upwards and HeBitch obliged dutifully, whereas the rest of the pack used whatever common sense was left and found paper just down the road, completing a well balanced run. (I need to point out here that by this time HeBitch was hopelessly off paper, having decided that it was bound to lead to the temple on the hill above Sankhu. He arrived back in the On-In alone. So that's why there's no description of the latter part of the run during which I maintained my reputation by immersing myself in yet another dirty river - GM)

Having formed a circle, the GM leaned back, having overeaten himself on the many snacks available and even refused to perform a deserved down down for going all classic style pope (kissing the ground) just before returning to the on in. (I challenge anyone to sub-edit this rubbish - GM) He only was activated when the size of his lens was challenged (clearly in Watford having a double meaning unfortunately (see forgoing comment - GM). Julie, a visitor from Afghanistan realised how serene and balanced her life was out there after experiencing her turn in the circle, and Billy Whiz drank his beer Whizz-style while stand-in GM HeBitch took the opportunity to show Thin Dick that he wasn't wearing any underwear.

Casper got the Hashit for not hashing. His outing this afternoon was a lightning tour of the paper completely ignoring things like checks and false trails.

Thanks to all who brought extra food.

More Photos
1705 virgin raghab

Virgin Raghab. Inge, get a camera with a zoom lens

1705 thiggy fingas

Returnee Thiggy Fingas. We are all happy to see her back and look forward to wetting her boots before the next trekking season.

1705 visitor julie

Julie, just in from Kabul on R & R, but realising she has not been able to get any of that sort of thing this afternoon.

1705 branney tries to drink

Looks like Brainey is having a hard time overcoming his mugfull, whatever it was given to him for.

1705 reclining down-down

Billy Whizz the Horizontal Hasher

1705 hashit casper

Casper gets the Hashit for not hashing. But he said that not hashing in Nepal was much better than not hashing in Geneva.