Trashes 1701-1725




1701 8 May 2011 Nuwakot
- Yogi Hare and HeBitch set this second hash of the hash weekend
1702 14 May 2011 Bottom of the Pharping hydro pipes
- Hurry Krishna took the runners and Keeled the walkers.
1703 21 May 2011 Sundarijal Beach
- HeBitch and Orgio
1704 28 May 2011 Andreas's Abode, Bhainsepatti
- A Constitution Day hash on a semi-bandh set by Andreas. The first hash he ever hared!
1705 4 June 2011 Salumbatar, Sankhu
- Ritesh Scholar
1706 11 June 2011 Chunikhel Temple, SW of Buddhanilkantha
- Brainey
1707 18 June 2011 Lubhu
- Hared by BreastFed. GPS track of this 7.6 km long, 450m of climbing... barely an hour of running hash.
1708 25 June 2011 Doggy Style and the GeeMs
- Dapakhel
1709 2 July 2011 Casper C Cup's Palace, Khokana
- C Cup headed straight to the airport after the party that followed the Hash, leaving the mansion empty for VSO to take over (as per GM's decree). A muddy run that included multiple Nakhu river crossings. From Casper's mansion near Khokana, the trail headed toward the Hash nipple. Then down-valley along the fields before climbing up to Khokana, continuing up before coming out to a holding on the saddle before Bungamati. While most runners bit on the false trail heading down towards Nakhu, the trail actually went down towards Bungamati before making another turn back to the Champi road. It then went down and followed the fields towards the Nakhu bridge by the brick kiln, crossed the bridge, and ran along the river followed by 3 river crossings, then climbed up to the Bhainsipati road and back to Casper's mansion. The GM lost his shoes in the last river crossing.
1710 9 July 2011 Suntakhan
- Yogi and Apple
1711 16 July 2011 Sankhu
- Handkream. GPS trail of this 2 hour, 800m of ascending hash run. See the film of this run by clicking here.
1712 23 July 2011 Phutung
- Set by Trouble and Scholar Ritesh, with lots of climbing and false trails that drove Hole-in-One nuts!
1713 30 July 2011 Hurry Krishna and Pawan
- Temple below Sano Khokana. The GPS track of this hash shows that it was 13.4 km loooooong.
1714 6 August 2011 Bandachaur, Bhaktapur
- Hared by Antoine and Ritesh Scholar with lots of and a monsoon downpour. The GPS track of this hash shows it was 11.5 km long and climbed 680m. See the film here.
1715 13 August 2011 By Keeled Kottage, Dholahiti
- Doggy Style, Keeled Over and Christu's HashSplash Hash
1716 20 August 2011 Pipil tree on south side of Chobhar hill
- Hared by Hurry Krishna. GPS track.

27 August 2011 Budhanilkantha by Park Village Resort
- Hared by HeBitch and Foxy Lady. GPS track
1718 3 September 2011 Bajrabarahi, Chapagaon
- Chris and Keeled Over with Chris leading his first hash run.
1719 10 September 2011 Bhainsepatti Sainbu
- Happy Clapper abd friends
1720 13 September 2011 Krishna Galli, Patan
- The inaugural Full Moon Hash was hared by HandKream with a beer stop at Dead in the Mud's place
1721 17 September 2011 Sisneri Range Post, Lamatar
- Pawan and a long slog up to Lakhuri Bhanjhang and down again.
1722 24 September 2011 North of Gamcha, beyond Gokarna
- Yogi Hare, Apple and the usual chang stop on the foothills of Shivapuri
1723 1 October 2011 Mulpani
- Scholar Ritesh and a late long monsoon downpour.
1724 8 October 2011 Beyond Sitapaila
- Griot and Hole-in-One's Dashain hash
1725 11 October 2011 Hole-in-One's Bunker, Chhauni
- The second full moon hash went via Swayambhu and back to the bunker for a BBQ.