HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1741 21 Jan 2012
Location Goldhunga, 3km NW of Balaju Hares HeBitch and Dr Death
Hashers 48, of whom 18 paid for beer Hashit Keeled Over
Trash Turd Herder! Trashflash Rotter
Remarkables virgins:Mark Brightwell, Barnt Lie, Sarah Zoric newcomers:Werner Brenner, Jessica Healey, John Healey, Hillary Proctor returnees: Maria Barron, Lao Lover, Matt Greenwood, Luis Navarra, Katheleen O'Donnell, Adèle, Carol, Sandra, Anouk, Alex, Bob Smith, Shande, Nishta, Paivi Wells (who is not recorded in the Hash Records)
A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

The run directions appeared on the Shite on Friday evening and instructed us to turn right off the Trisuli Road. On Saturday morning the directions advised a left downhill turn of the road - not an auspicious start to the last run in the Year of the Rabbit as the first left downhill must be a lot further along the road. Maybe that’s why many hashers were late.

The hares, living up to the attributes of the said Chinese year (gracious, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, etc.), announced that the seven checks and holdings were in the same order backwards as forwards - is this palindromic format a first for the H4?

As it turns out the runners ran the route in the forward, anti-clockwise, direction and the walkers did half the route in the reverse, clockwise, direction, all meeting up at the towering architectural folly on the hilltop Was this another of Rotter’s architectural gems? (Hah, you could tell it wasn't one of mine by my refusal to climb up it in case the ground decided to move - GM) A good number of runners and walkers climbed up the tower which would have provided a good view of the mountains, except for the haze.

Both groups enjoyed the run/walk and awarded the hares an appropriate score in the circle (cannot remember what it was, but probably 9.9)

Like the previous week the temperature dropped for the circle - but probably nothing to do with the hares or the GM. HeBitch as the acting GM was immediately usurped by The GM and there followed a circle with two competing bosses.

After awarding the hares, the seven virgins and newcomers were brought in and with my lousy memory the list is something like this:

Name ------------ From ----- Why in Nepal
Sarah Zoric -- Washington DC - ??
Barnt Lie ------- Norway -- Tribhuvan University
Mark Brightwell --- UK ----- Micro Hydro Expert
John Healey --- ---- US ------ Houseboy
Jessica Healey --- -- US ------USAID
Hillary Proctor --- Colorado --- USAID
Werner Brenner --- Austria --- GTZ

Also, virgin masquerading as a returnee: Paivi Wells (no know previous record with HHHH).

Then the returnees were given the customary down down - you know who you were, as I don’t apart from Lao Lover and Bob Norris.

The only reported incident on the hash was a crash by Hilary. Then Hurry Krishna was chastised for joining the Nepali intelligentsia as an Einstein, now teaching physics. A general discussion on a hash name of Chipping Hill had been suggested by Kruel but was not accepted by the Hash rabble.

Inge was not given a down-down for not being able to set next week’s run but the Thin Dick Consultancy volunteered to do it from Bhainsepati. So, with a consultant involved in setting the hash, are we going to get an unending run with innumerable reports and higher fees than normal next week?

KO was given the hashit for confusing his tibia with his labia, when he stated that his labia was broken just below his knee and it was fixed (a miracle if he has labia – prolapsed or not) and obtained a deserved new hash name of Hot Lips.

A dissenting opinion from Kruel:

For the less intellectually inclined among us, the name I suggested was not "Chipping Hill" but "Chip Inhale" (think *Chippendale*). I humbly suggest this name because I've never seen the guy not eating chips ("Crisps" if you hail from Britain or one of its more sycophantic colonies). Throughout the entire circle, he's munching contentedly with entire bag in hand, which explains why he still doesn't know the song: his focus is elsewhere, his ears are hampered by the loud sounds of mastication (for those of you who qualify within the "less intellectually inclined" group, this word means "chewing") and his mouth is otherwise occupied which obviously prohibits his harmonious participation. OnOn, Kruel

More Photos

The GM kept his feet firmly on the ground

The cold, windy OnSite

Hares Dr Death, Finger Licker, and HeBitch

Virgins and Newcomers

Looks like USAID in action