HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1743 4 Feb 2012
Location west of Kopan monastery Hares Kieh and Casey Jones
Hashers ? Hashit HeBitch
Trash Linda Trashflash send your flashes!!
Remarkables virgins: ? newcomers: ? returnees: ? leavers: ?
A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

The hares were found along a bumpy road below the Kopan Monastry. It seemed like they were having a pick nick rather than that they just set a hash... As the hashers moved in on the On-Site it became clear that these hash-setting former virgins just deflowered themselves by setting their first hash around the Kopan monastery.

As we took off, it became clear there was no way to lose the trail as the hares divided the intellectual skills of the common hasher by two. However, there was one person who lived up to the hares expectations. Doggystyle decided that this trail would be way too difficult. So he took leadership and lead the way by holding a Tibetan banner/flag stick. Fortunately he realized after some time that some more challenge would be in place for the hashers and started using the stick as a spear, throwing it at innocent (maybe less intellectual) hashers who were struggling to find the paper that was laid out about every other two metres.

By then the hash was in full swing, in the general up and down kinda way. Of course Chip Inhale found another excuse to be slow and started kidnapping hash children along the way. Apparently his new technique just not to become the last one again. Linda freed some of the children, and decided to stick with Bala till the end to prevent more kidnapping (of course he was

also one of the people struggling to find the right directions)...

At the on site HeBitch showed off his new angry bird hat to the virgins who were of course cheered at for being either Dutch or VSO volunteers. There were others whose names and countries are probably somewhere in my sub consciousness... HeBitch also made Doggystyle and Linda come forward on the accusation of hitch-hiking. Which was noted by everyone, but stories about who helped who on, in or out of the jeep remained unclear.

Next thing that happened, HeBitch heralded a hero who, although many times severely drunk and wounded, still was able to make it regularly to the Hash. Of course we were speaking about John. HeBitch compared him to this movie about Saving Ryan.... ‘Shaving Ryans Privates!!!’ one of the hares shouted. And a new hash name was born. Shaving Ryans Privates was knighted with the appropriate amounts of beer and singing. Continuing on the shaving part: the hashtrash was given to HeBitch for shaving of his beard, apparently all acting GM and GM’s are to become Chip Inhales models showing off t-shirts on billboards in Kathmandu. We are now all expecting to see The GM on a billboard at Durbar Marg sometime soon.

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