HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1753 7 April 2012
Location 1905 Restaurant, Thamel Hares HeBitch, GMrs, Fossil, Tibet Gal
Hashers Hashit Miss Estonia
Trash HeBitch Trashflash Rotter, Stains the Couch
Remarkables virgins:aa newcomers:aa returnees:aa leavers: aa
A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

The motive; a full moon, the crime scene; 1905 restaurant, the usual suspects; the part of us hashers that does not have enough social life to have better plans on a Saturday night.

Around 25 of us social low-life's gathered around 7 o clock on the 1905 premises for yet another full moon hash. To set the right atmosphere, the full moon was nowhere to be seen and the first raindrops had made sure that the wise choice of the hares to mark with flour tonight would be punished by clean washed alleys. The GM had emerged from the depths of the Terai to further add to the pack's suffering and all was topped of with yet another Estonian invasion of Stains the Couch and his comrades in evil. Yes my dear reader, it truly felt as if armageddon was only one false trail away this night.

The hares seemed to believe in quantity over quality, having brought out the big guns by flying GMrs and Fossil in and been hitting the dance bars until Tibet Gal was found and dragged out into the light, of course under the misguidance of Dr. Death and Hebitch. A few virgins (most of them Estonian, I guess their motto is: Don't try this at home kids!) had also gathered courage to make their way to tonight's event.

After a not unusually vague explanation on today's trail, first paper was called and the pack was led straight into dodgy Thamel, scaring of the public and jumping over bikes. a few cunning

loops and backtracks kept the group somehow together and the first holding provided a mint cooler with a vodka top up (although the GM, after three top-ups still was convinced their was no alcohol in his). The second part of the run made it's way through Jamal and Assam with small glimpses of stupa's and a Shiva holy disco house and ended on Durbar square where runners and walkers were united.

The last part of the run used the narrow dark alleys of Assam to get back where runners were challenged by stray dogs and ladyboys to fulfil their quest (almost lost the Estonians there). Returning to the 1905 the GM had re energized himself with some Estonian moonshine and did not hesitate to get the circle in motion. Down downs where awarded to the hares and virgins Keith and (help me out with the Estonians here GM (I am getting information from Stains-the-Couch - GM), Tibet Gal was called in as returnee, Trouble for the only one who observed the moon that night (when one of the lady boys gave him a glimpse) and for losing his T-shirt during the circle somehow and Fossil for leaving us so soon again. The hash shit went to the only female Estonian hasher that wanted to cage the GM and take him back as her pet to the kingdom of far far away. The circle ended in the usual mismanagement and all hashers now have a restraining order to be anywhere near Kanti Path for the coming year.

OnOn! HeBitch

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