HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1780 23 September 2012
trash_1780 head
Location open area at north end of Bhaisepatti planning area Hares DoggyStyle and Dev Shaha
Hashers 32, of whom 14 paid for beer Hashit DoggyStyle
Trash Keeled Over Trashflash Rotter
Remarkables virgins:Nina Strumpf returnees:John Healey, Prem Kharel, Polkki Hannaleena, George Pollard, Rajesh Shrestha
A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

The question on everybody’s lips as the participants gathered for the one thousand seven hundred and eightieth running of the Himalayan Mixed Hash was how to spell Bhainsipati. Indeed, is it Bhainsipati, as articulated on this Shite, or Bhainsepati with several diacritics as per the Finnish 1:25,000 map of Kathmandu? Others vouched for Bhainsepatti while Bhainsipatti was another favourite. Bainsipati, Bainsepatti and even Bainsipatti have been observed as alternate spellings. But hey, who gives a damn!

As for Hash 1780, one of the most athletic-looking bunch of hashers ever assembled set out for a DoggyStyle hash that turned into a three hour ballbreaker. Some of the less robust regulars, aka HandKream, Hole-in-One, Nice Hash and the Lost Emperor, had opted out of the tough physical test by going for a wee jog around the foothills of Shivapuri in the morning and then gave the afternoon’s proceedings a miss.

In the afternoon, Rotter, BreastFed, Dead-in- the-Water, Apple, Yogi Hare, Keeled Over, Jessica (One Less Lonely Girl), Trouble, The Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer’s Scion, Billy Whizz, Hurry Krishna and Yogi’s friend along with co-hare ‘God’ made their majestic progress from Bhainsipati (aka Bainsepatti) down into the rice

fields below Sainbu, along narrow slippery trails below Khokana and Bungamati and over the Bagmati by the new footbridge, followed by a surprise turn left along the track and up the water pipes to a holding check at the Pharping pond and along the jeep track to the main Dakchhinkali (spellings various) road and back down the track to the leprosy colony and on-on below Khokana in just under three hours. A highlight of the run was the GM’s errant camera, which managed to get lost twice (twice!). In the first instance it was pulled out of a paddy field by DoggyStyle.

A great outing that was much appreciated by most of us. And most of us got back just as it was getting dark glad to see that the wily GM’s driver Prem had held back the tuna dip so it had not been scoffed by the walkers, many of whom left early in disgust at the thin pickings on offer in the hash snacks department.

The late circle was restricted to the Hashit for DoggyStyle and his assistant God, and down-downs for Keeled Over for something or other and the GM for persuading all the Bahuns in the Ministry of Home Affairs to give him a life-long visa. Long live the GM! (Arrr . . . y'll nivver get rid 'o me the noo! - GM)

More Photos

Hares not letting on about what we are to receive

Holding check at Kokana Temple (as is headline photo above)

The view from beside the hydro pond. Not very artistic shot as the GM could hardly hold his camera by this time