Bagmati Eco-challenge 17 August 2006
Location Chobhar to Uttar Bahini via Balaju and Sundarijal beach Hares not applicable
Hashers 7 Hashit Bimal
Trash Keeled and Hairstyle Trashflash Rani
Remarkables HASH TEAM: manager: Rani runners: Keeled, Kruel bikers: Hairstyle, Bimal extra rafter: Barbie Girl kayaker: Chris O.
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Above: the start at Chobhar by the Bagmati

The hash team's runners

Keeled being chased by an ambulance near the finish of the first leg

Waiting for the cyclists at Sundarijal beach


The ecologically challenged

The Himalayan Hash House Harriers team put in an amazing performance on this year's Bagmati Eco-challenge, coming seventh out of ten teams.

The race got underway at 9am as all the runners gathered on the bonnie bonnie banks of the Bagmati below Chobhar temple to listen to 40 minutes of speeches from local dignitaries about cleaning up the Bagmati.

The ribbon was cut unleashing a throng of twenty runners, with two runners per team, who raced away up through the temple and over Chobhar footbridge. There were some sickeningly fit young Nepali guys setting the pace whilst Kruel held a midway position and Keeled was further back feeling his age. From the Nakhu bridge the race cut across the Balkhu holding ponds and then followed the right hand side of the Bagmati to the Ring Road. From here it crossed to the left side of the river and along by the new banana bazaar.

Keeled lost the trail here and had a close call with some primaeval knee-deep shiggy (this is nothing - I went in neck-deep earlier this year - GM) to the great amusement of nearby stallholders.

The race now crossed the Bishnumati and made its way inland a bit before going all the way up the Bishnumati to Naya Bajar and then along the main road to the Balaju Water Gardens.

Kruel was first in for the hash team and handed over to Bimal on his bike . This was the last we saw of Bimal who phoned in two hours later to say he had had a puncture and was in Ratna Park! Five minutes later Keeled finished and sent Hairstyle on his way to Sundarijal. Keeled was sinisterly followed by the race ambulance looking for some business over the last section.

The mountainous bike-trail went up and down, twisting through rugged mountains. The trail was very slippery. Shortly after crossing Tokha, HairStyle got himself lost for about 20 minutes. Using his trained HHHH navigation skills (which is basically asking locals which way the racers went) he got back on track. He went through Tokha, Budhanilkantha, and Gamcha reaching Sundarijal, much to the relief of anxious rafters, in the record time of 2 hours.

At Sundarijal team manager Rani was drafted in as a replacement for Bimal and we all hopped into a raft and set off downstream in the clean waters of the upper Bagmati with Barbie Girl pulling her weight. Navigation was pretty straightforward but the steering was a bit more problematical. Meanwhile our kayaker Chris was drifting along at peace with the world until he mysteriously got 'sucked under' to the consternation of the rafters who saw him on the riverbank looking somewhat bedraggled and sodden with Bagmati water coming out of his ears and filling up his kayak.

We would have been sixth, but for a late misjudgment which saw us becalmed in the shallows. Hairstyle rang the bell at Uttar Bahini to mark our finish.

Keeled was asked to give a speech at the end where he sang the praises of the Himalayan hash and said that the Bagmati is a lot more smelly in May. On-on for a clean Bagmati!

ses of the Himalayan hash and said that the Bagmati is a lot more smelly in May. On-on for a clean Bagmati!