Himalayan/Delhi Capital Live Hare Hash

31 March 2002

Live Hares: Hurry Krishna and Bumfluff Location: Ever Reddy's front lawn

This third event of the Delhi Capital Hash's utterly successful takeover of the Himalayan Hash House Harriers (H4), nicknamed by GM Rotter as "Bloody Punctual Run" started sharp at 10.00 hours from Ever Reddy's front lawn. This was a Live Run and a joint endeavour of H4 Kathmandu and CH3 Delhi. Hurry Krishna of H4 was the front Hare joined by Bumfluff, once of CH3, now with the Etna Ash House Harriers in Sicily.

Ever Reddy of H4 and Honey Bunny of CH3 promptly announced OnOn after exactly 15 minutes (by their watches - which meant, others said, about six minutes real time) and a pack of 15 Harriers followed paper eastward towards the Ring Road. GM Rotter stepped out of the LandRover onto the run two and half minutes later, murmuring "This Bloody Punctual Run" as if he never did it on time.

Kind of a First check was around the corner in front of the CDO office and the pack followed someone shouting OnOn towards the east junction of Dakshin Kali temple. Paper took the pack to a west bend before appearing at the Ring Road and then towards the east along the Ring Road for a crossing at the Sign post of Freedom Centre. Rotter chose not to run on the paved Ring Road and followed the parallel track road inside the so-called green belt and reappeared at the ring Road crossing.

The two Hares seemed to have thrown papers on two different trails, or was it from the previous run that paper could be seen in every direction after the Ring Road crossing. The pack naturally got distracted and lost track of the fresh paper of the Live Hare who seemed to have followed the right lower trail on the Y junction before the road leading to the Freedom Centre. Exactly after 20 minutes of the Live Run, the Hare, before reaching the bridge over Nakhu Khola to the west of Rotter's House (Nakhipot), turned around to finish the run at Ever Reddy's compound exactly at 10:40 hours. Confused by the paper on every side, last runners took the right turn before the Y junction and crossed the Ring road and returned at 1035 hours. A section of Delhiwalla walki-talkies saw the ring road and back-tracked but could not locate the starting point and were heading towards Kumari Pati before they were redirected back on track. The last harrier arrived at 11:20.

Grand Masters Rotter and Honey Bunny called the circle together. As each of these megalomaniacs thought they were in charge of the proceedings, total chaos ensued, with every participant wondering where, when, and from whom a down-down would come.The bewildered circle bid farewell to Chicken One from the CH3 for whom the run was cut short as he had to catch the Thai flight to Bangkok and on to Tokyo and he left at 11:40 as per good advice of experienced flyers.

The circle then disbanded as Ever Reddy announced a Search for Easter Sweets and, of far greater interest to most participants, spirit miniatures. All young and not-so-young rushed amongst bushes, and poked into flower pots all around the garden. 69 and Honey Bunny were more desperate and dived straight into the fountain to grab the booze planted on the centrepiece. Other lucky finders filled bags with sweets and spirits, after which there was a frantic trading session with the Horrors, who demanded huge quantities of sweets before they would give up their whiskies.

The promised "amazing picnic" of exotic and tasty delights appeared. This included Durga's momos (but no serious chicken chilli), a Nordic taste of dry lamb, and a great variety of drinks which the whole pack lazily enjoyed as the afternoon went on.

By 2 o'clock most people had left, but Ever Reddy's moment of peace came to a quick end when Apple and Jeevan turned up for the run with a journalist in tow. The results of the ensuing conversation can be seen in the article which appeared on the back page of The Kathmandu Post on 4th April.


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